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Pause... Let’s Catch Up

Let's take a second to pause. I've been throwing a lot of info at you for the past few weeks (can you believe it's already been 7 weeks since we started walking together?! Thank you for your courage).

Instead of me giving you even more information, let's review:

Week 1, we talked about love, what it is + isn't.

Week 2, we discussed how confidence is not arrogant. And then I gave you some at-home exercises to strengthen your glutes.

Week 3, I implored you to evaluate your surroundings, physical and interpersonal, and then I gave you a recipe to make homemade juice.

On week 4, continuing with the theme of health + nutrition, I used scripture and asked you to evaluate your consumption. Do you consume unfulfilling content that leaves you unsatisfied, or are your taste buds drawn to success?

Next, I gave you space to reconsider if you even want to be a Gentle Warrior. It ain't a sexy role.

Week 6 was about considering if you're even strong enough to handle all that you've been asking God for, or everything you're already carrying.

And last week, I used scripture to show you that recognition (or lack there of) does not define your success.

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