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Successful Hunger: Curb Your Appetite

Updated: Apr 29

"Everyone's toil is for their mouth, yet their appetite is never satisfied." [Ecclesiastes 6:7]

Toil (V): to work extremely hard/incessantly

Now go back and read that again.

Everyone works so hard to satisfy their own consumption, yet it's never enough.

Change your diet. What are you consuming day to day?

Your metabolic rate = rate at which you burn calories

Scenario: From 7AM-6PM, Jane Doe consumed 3 hours of Tik Tok, 2 hours of Instagram, 30 min. of disrespect, 1 hour of fake love, 1.5 hours of bad advice, 45 min. of empty promises, and 1 hour+15 min. of drugs and alcohol

At Jane Doe's metabolic rate, she burned a small percentage of these calories through false hope, doubt, wishful thinking, envy, and untapped potential. After burning these calories, not only is Jane unsatisfied, but her appetite is even larger. She needs to consume more to feel as or less full.

Think of your mental like a literal appetite. When you consume a bunch of junk food, your appetite is unsatisfied, and you might actually feel a little sick. But when you consume something with sustenance, your body feels good. Your mind is the same way.

What are your taste buds drawn to?

When you consume optimism, does it taste bitter? Does doubt+self-loathing hit the spot just right?

On days where your soul feels unsatisfied, evaluate what you let into your eye and ear gate, and what kind of thoughts it breeds.

And lastly, what is your life objective? And if you achieved this tomorrow would you actually be satisfied?

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