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Confidence Isn't Arrogant

I realize that my womanhood and femininity are my greatest weapons right now– basically everything that makes me woman.

Dear women: how do you feel when you enter a room? Any room?

I consider myself confident. But I used to think my confidence was arrogant.

My brain would tell me that I couldn’t enter a room already knowing I’m beautiful. I had to pretend as though my energy, radiance, and virtue(s) were not as powerful as they actually are.

This looked like avoiding eye contact with strangers, and walking at a quickened pace, so as to prevent people from looking at me. Because if they saw me, they would notice my beauty and femininity,

and that’s condescending right???

Because what about the people who feel less beautiful? They might not like me; they might think I’m a mean girl. So, let me play my part and do humanity a favor by intentionally denying, avoiding, and minimizing that which my Father in Heaven has so graciously gifted me with.

Yea, no.

All that is crap.

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Caroline Goettsch
Caroline Goettsch
Apr 01

Thank you for touching on this. I used to believe that if others might think I’m a mean girl I shouldn’t embrace myself as I am.



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