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Ecosystem Evaluation: Cultivating an Environment that Thrives

Take inventory of your ecosystem: your environment, and the interaction of all the organisms within it. Is this habitat conducive for you to thrive?-- not just exist.

See, if you’re residing in your natural habitat, then it is very likely you’ve experienced little to no growth. Your natural habitat supports you in your current condition, and keeps you comfortable and cozy. It is not until you are removed from your natural habitat that you evolve.

Outside of your home environment, you are forced to adapt to new conditions: unfamiliar predators, different prey, foreign species, etc.

Take inventory of your ecosystem. Are there any invasive species?-- non-native organisms that are harming the balance of your environment.

How did they get there?

Did you welcome them with warm hospitality?

Or were there attractive conditions in your environment that drew them in?

Take inventory of your ecosystem and cultivate an environment that helps you grow, keeps you fulfilled, and provides proper nourishment to your successful hunger.

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