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Who is Love?

Updated: Mar 16

You don't know love until you know Love.

Love reached out to my close friend, just so He could get closer to me.

Love patiently waited until I was ready.

Love never condemned me for loving His antithesis, and even comforted me through my affair. I ignored and took advantage of Love, only coming around out of desperation, but Love was just happy I came at all.

Love relished in these moments, though they were few and far between.

Above all, Love knew my name.

I was unfulfilled and desperate for pleasure, and when Love wrapped His arms around me, I couldn't believe I qualified to experience something so powerfully pure and overwhelmingly exquisite.

Love's true nature pulled me out of a disrespectfully ugly and destructive relationship. Love showed me how love should feel, and since that moment, I've never settled for less.

I encourage you, Reader, to make that vow too.

Love, I ask that you supernaturally wrap your arms around the person reading this, and show them who You are.

1 Corinthians 13:4

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