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Who is the Gentle Warrior?

“Gentle warriors” sounds like a cute, profound, marketable title for a brand, but consider what that actually means.

“Gentle” and “warrior” do not sound like two words that go hand-in-hand. Like peaches and cream– that makes sense right?

But "gentle" and "warrior" are two opposing ideas, two opposite extremes.

I don’t want to mislead you. I have to come clean about who the Gentle Warrior is.

It is one who knows Truth and has the courage to exemplify it.

The Gentle Warrior is not liked by everyone, but admired and envied even by some.

The Gentle Warrior has little to no friends. It is not a glorious lifestyle, but it is a righteous one. The Gentle Warrior offends people, and apologizes for error, but not for how Truth is received.

This person is uncomfortable in complacency, has high standards for themselves and others, and will courageously jump out of a moving train headed for mediocre.

The Gentle Warrior defaults to standing alone and humbly thanks God for the like-minded individuals that seasonally draw near.

The Gentle Warrior differs from the majority in all the un-cool ways and has grown to love this about themself.

Everyone will not and cannot be a Gentle Warrior.

But will you?

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