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7 Week Recap 😇

For the past several weeks, we took a look at the book of 1 Samuel (and a few other scriptures) and extracted as much life-changing wisdom from it as possible.

Below are links to the last 7 weeks.

"I thought you said he was the one??" Confusing an Answered Prayer with Necessary Experience

A Consumption Audit... What do your eyes and ears let into your mind?

Be Careful What You Wish For... You Just Might Get It -- if you actually received what you've been asking for, would you still find something to complain about?

Don't be a Copycat... your difference will inspire someone else

That Promotion is Yours -- 🙅🏾‍♀️ Don't demote yourself from the authority you were called to

"I didn't even recognize you!" When God calls you higher, people will start to not recognize you

Because the Bible overflows with Life, I encourage you, Reader, to read 1 Samuel for yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself through it.

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