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"I thought you said he was the one??"

Confusing an Answered Prayer with Necessary Experience

Anybody ever thought they heard from God and turned out to be completely, spectacularly wrong?

Lol, this one time I thought God told me this one man was going to be my husband. So I leaned in. And while I did, he simultaneously (had the nerve to) leaned back... like how dare he not read my mind or overhear my personal conversations with Holy Spirit?? I was so confused, and it actually hurt my feelings. Like, "Lord, I thought you said he was the one??"

Turns out, yea God gave me permission to lean in - In fact, I believe He encouraged it. BUT He never promised me this man would reciprocate, let alone be my covenant partner! Turns out, the lesson I would learn through this was monumentally more important than him actually staying in my life.

Tbh, the lesson was the whole point.

How many times have you thought God was gifting your THE answer, when it was just meant to refine you? To mold you.

"He said, 'Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?' declares the Lord. 'Like clay in the hands of the potter, so are you in my hand Israel.'" [Jeremiah 18:6].

You, Reader, are clay in your Father's hands. Although you may be misshaped, feeling dense, rough, and creased, the potter will knead, roll, mold, guide, cover, and protect you. As you spin around that wheel, know that the only times the potter's hands leave you are to add more water to refresh and revitalize you, to acquire the tools needed to etch the design of your purpose, or rearrange his hands to better position you for a new season.

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