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Be Careful What You Wish For-- You Just Might Get It

In 1 Samuel, you can read about the life of Samuel. He was a prophet, and the Lord spoke to the Israelites through him. He was their leader. Eventually, though, Samuel grew old, and (unfortunately) his sons were unfit to rule over Israel. Soon, the Israelites wanted a new king. They said, "... now appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have" [1 Samuel 8:5].

~we'll discuss why this request itself was problematic some other time~

Mind you, this request was against the Lord's desire for Israel. He did not want them to have a king... but He obliged and appointed Saul to be the new king of Israel.

Lol. ok. So, Israel's new king (Saul) literally came from the Lord. Our Creator. THE One. Like, Saul was actually chosen by the Lord himself. It wasn't like Israel had a democratic election where you have a ballot and vote for who you see fit... and again... GOD DID NOT EVEN WANT THEM TO HAVE A KING in the first place, but He gave His children what they wanted. Here is where it gets good.

~YAL. There are so many hidden gems in just these first 10 chapters of 1 Samuel~

So. One day, every clan, one by one, comes forth before Samuel and they were basically like Sooo... where is our new king?? And Samuel is like uhh... do you not see him?? BOOM: Saul!

Then Saul went back home "accompanied by valiant men whose hearts God had touched" [1 Samuel 10:26]. HOWEVER! "Some scoundrels said, 'How can this fellow save us?' They despised him and brought him no gifts" [1 Samuel 10:27].

Ok. How many of us (like these fellow scoundrels mentioned above) ask for something and then complain when we get it because it doesn't look like how we thought it would? Or how we want it to?

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Caroline Goettsch
Caroline Goettsch
27 may

This is GOOD.

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Eboni Johnson
Eboni Johnson
31 may
Contestando a

Thank you! These Bible literally comes to life for me whenever I read it; I feel so compelled to share this revelation with others. ❤️

Me gusta

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