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Seriously... Ask Yourself.

First, gon ahead and give yourself a lil self-love for even visiting this page.

The things we discuss here are not easy to digest at all... and speaking of digestion...

a few weeks ago I talked about curbing your appetite for successful hunger. If you don't remember, I literally just linked it right there. You may want to (re)visit that post in order for this to make more sense. Anyway, since first reading that original post, have you thought much about your emotional appetite? Your temporal (time) appetite? Your cognitive, interpersonal, or creative appetite?

LOL, I don't write these posts just for fun, just because I have nothing else better to do... Btw, these are literal words coming from our Father. So, if you ever run across any of my posts, trust and believe that that little meet-up was carefully and meticulously orchestrated.

But seriously, audit your consumption, and ask God to be there with you while you do. Say, "Lord, what do you want to reveal to me about my consumption?" And then sit back, and watch Him be BIG God.

Are you really going to ask yourself these questions?

  • Yes

  • Of course I will

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